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Here’s how it works…

  1. Register with Loyalty Street to secure our capped fee guarantee and the cash reward is yours to spend however you like.
  2. When you come to sell your house – it could be in a few months, or 30 years from now – all you have to do is choose a Loyalty Street Preferred Agent

Too good to be true?

Because Loyalty Street represents 1000s of homeowners, we can negotiate great rates with the top performing agents – which we pass on to you in three ways:

  • Peace of mind - when you sell you’ll have a panel of top performing agents to choose from
  • Security of a discounted capped fee – guaranteed, regardless of when you sell. Typically 25% below the average market rate - saving a typical customer £4,571*
  • Immediate cash reward - even if you have no plans to sell

What’s in it for Loyalty Street?

When your Loyalty Street Preferred Agent sells your property, they give us part of their fee.

To find out who the top agents are in your area and see your reward

*Average customer saving calculated using an average sale price of £960,482 – See FAQs for more info.
**Cash rewards for registering with Loyalty Street are available for a limited period.